Wildcard SSL certificates are now available

We are now offering Wildcard SSL certificates from inside our web hosting Control Panel. Just like the regular SSL certificates, they encrypt the connection between the website and the visitor, making it much safer to transmit sensitive information like login details or credit card numbers.

Wildcard SSL certificates are especially useful when you have one domain name and you want to secure multiple subdomains. Let's say that you have a large portal with a web store, a forum and an admin area:

  • my-site.com - your main website
  • forum.my-site.com - a forum
  • store.my-site.com - a web store
  • admin.my-site.com - an admin area for users to manage their profiles

If you want to secure each one of these subdomains with regular SSL certificates, you will have to buy a total of three certificates - one for each subdomain. With a Wildcard SSL certificate, you can secure all three subdomains, as well as any additional subdomains you add later on.

You can get a Wildcard SSL certificate from the SSL certificates section under the My Domains menu in our web hosting Control Panel.

With Regards,Your Web Hosting Team

A new cloud hosting platform in our US data center

All our servers in the US data centre are now part of our new cloud hosting platform whose main goal is to minimize all possible downtimes and to offer a significant increase in the performance of both your Control Panel and your website.

Here is just a short list of the benefits you will enjoy in our US data centre with our cloud hosting platform:

  • Enhanced service stability - we store different services (emails, MySQL databases, etc.) on different servers so as to make our overall platform less vulnerable to hack/DDoS attacks.
  • Faster servers - we have recently upgraded our network to 10 Gbps, which means that our servers are faster than ever and so will be your website
  • Faster maintenance - by ensuring spare servers, we have simplified server maintenance procedures and hence minimized frustrating service interruptions and downtimes
  • Migration to SSDs - all web hosting users who are using less than 1 GB of storage space are now located on fast SSDs. This means that they will enjoy much faster read/write speeds and faster website speeds. On time, we are planning to move all cloud hosting accounts to SSDs as well.
  • Web accelerators (Memcached, Varnish, Node.js) - our web acceleration tools will help you boost the speed of your website even further.

With Regards,Your Web Hosting Team

Moodle version updated to 2.4.1

We have recently updated the Moodle version in our Application Installer to newer version: Moodle 2.4.1. All new Moodle installations will be under the newer version.

New in Moodle 2.4.1
The Moodle 2.4.1 brings mostly bug fixes, functionality improvements and addresses several recently discovered security vulnerabilities. Among the bug fixes are:
  • Make 1.9 blocks restorable in 2.3 onwards
  • Activity quick title edit updates name in gradebook
  • Wiki module works if you activate the force format option
If you run an older version of Moodle, we advise that you update to the latest version as soon as possible. This will greatly reduce security threats to your website and will add new functionality.

With Regards,Your Web Hosting Team

Video Tutorials available in the Control Panel

As of this Monday, the Video Tutorials section in our Web Hosting Control Panel got finally online!

You can view the video tutorials by clicking on the 'Video Tutorials' button available in each section of the Control Panel.

There is also a link to each video in the corresponding Help article. All available videos are located in the Help -> Video Tutorials section.

At the time of writing this note, we have a total of 75 videos online, with many more awaiting release. As soon as a video is completed, we will upload it online!

If you have any ideas or suggestions about possible video tutorials, or if you notice any problems with the available videos, please let us know using the Control Panel-integrated feedback form or via a support ticket.

With Regards,
Your Web Hosting Team

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