New File System ZFS

Dear Customers,

We would like to let you know that we are currently converting all existing servers to a new file system called ZFS. We won't bother you with the details but just to compare it with the old NFS system this one is considerably faster and reliable.

The best thing about it is that the file numbers quota will disappear as a restriction on all shared hosting plans (on the servers we already converted its already gone!). As you know right now the limit is up to 50,000 files.

The new file system offers on-the-fly compression which will greatly increase the speed with which files are being transferred (lets say if one of the hard drives on the RAID breaks). Thus downtime will be minimized greatly. The write throttle is rewritten to produce much more consistent delays when under constant load.

All in all this is a great improvement to the existing cloud system which will increase the performance and load speed.

Best Regards,
Web hosting team

WordPress updated to WordPress 3.6 in App Installer

Last week we updated the WordPress version in the App Installer in the Hepsia Control Panel to the latest version currently available – WordPress 3.6. All new WordPress installations will use this version by default. If you have an existing WordPress site running an older version, you should also consider upgrading your WordPress version to the latest available.

What’s new in WordPress 3.6?

WordPress 3.6 is a major new release, which focuses mainly on blogging. It features multiple improvements in the workflow efficiency and in the way one can write and edit posts. It includes features such as brand new audio and video players, an improved integration with SoundCloud, Rdio and Spotify, a revamped media uploader and a new theme – Twenty Thirteen.

Aside from all that, there are multiple security fixes and background API improvements. Here is a short list of the new features in WordPress 3.6:

  • A new theme focused mainly on blogging – the Twenty Thirteen theme. Just like the Twenty Twelve theme, the Twenty Thirteen theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Thanks to the new media features introduced in WordPress 3.6, the Twenty Thirteen theme will serve you great, especially if you want to share a video or an audio file, or simply to write a new post. If you want to see how it looks, check out the official Twenty Thirteen theme demo.
  • Post Revisions are completely updated and are now much more useful. If enabled, WordPress will auto-save your post every time you make a change.
  • WordPress 3.6 finally features an integrated HTML5 video and audio player. You can easily embed video and audio files without having to resort to additional plugins.
  • A long-standing vulnerability, present in each WordPress version until now – a server-side request forgery vulnerability (plus remote port scanning using pingbacks), is finally fixed. This vulnerability can be used to extract personal information and compromise the whole website.

This is just a small part of all the changes introduced in WordPress 3.6. To see the full list, head down to the officialWordPress 3.6 change log.

InnoDB is now available

InnoDB tables are available throughout our cloud web hosting platform. With the latest MySQL update, InnoDB is now the default storage engine, replacing MyISAM. All new MySQL databases will feature InnoDB tables by default.

InnoDB is more stable than MyISAM; it is ACID-compliant and, most importantly - it offers full transaction support. It also uses row-level locking instead of MyISAM's table-level locking.

MyISAM's only real advantage over InnoDB is its full text indexing type search capability.

If your website or application requires it, you can quickly convert any MySQL table from InnoDB to MyISAM using the phpMyAdmin interface.

With Regards,
Your Web Hosting Team

UK servers moved to a improved cloud hosting platform

All our servers in the UK will soon be switched to a new, improved cloud hosting platform, which is designed to eliminate the slow speeds and network downtimes you'd normally face on a standard shared hosting platform.

Here is a short list of the benefits you will take advantage of on the new platform:

Enhanced service stability - we have minimized the servers' vulnerability to hack/DDoS attacks by storing applications, emails and databases on a few machines instead of just one

Faster servers - we have increased the network bandwidth to 10 Gbps, which means better server connectivity and hence better speeds for your sites

Faster maintenances - by ensuring spare servers, we have simplified server maintenance procedures and hence minimized frustrating service interruptions and downtimes

Migration to SSDs - now all user accounts with up to 1 GB of total storage are hosted on SSDs, which are much faster and more durable than the regular HDDs. On time, we are planning to do the same with the rest of the accounts as well

Web accelerators (Memcached, Varnish, Node.js) - we've added tools that will speed up your websites significantly.

This major system upgrade is aimed at making our service even faster, at improving your website's credibility with the search engines and at enhancing the on-site experience of your visitors.

With Regards,
Your Web Hosting Team

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