.BE, is the newest addition to our list of free domain names available for your website on our platform!

New option for adding a free domain name to your web hosting plan.

.BE is the official Top Level Domain name code for Belgium but as it can be readily registered outside of its territory, it has become a popular generic domain that is quite suitable for site name hacks.

Historical highlights

Launched back in 1989, it was supervised by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Like most TLDs from that time, it was primarily used for academic and scientific purposes.

Later on, at the turn of the millenium the control over .BE was transferred to DNS Belgium. They decided to create a campaign to popularize the TLD, beginning with the offering of a 1-year gratis period in 2005 that surprised registrants.

Today, there are more than 1.5 million registered .BE domain names and this number just keeps growing.

Among the main reasons to register a .BE domain name we could list:

  • Local value
    registering a .BE domain is the perfect way to show that a business is based in Belgium and is loyal to the local market
  • Trademark value
    by registering their trademarks in their local TLD rather than in the generic .COM/.NET equivalent, for example, Belgium-based businesses will take another step toward cementing their brand identity and protecting it from online duplication efforts
  • Domain hack value
    because of its overlap with the popular English verb ‘be’, the .BE TLD can perfectly fit into catchy site names such as ‘letit.BE’ or ‘whereto.BE’.
  • The .BE TLD is open for registration to every business, organization and individual in the world.

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