Dear Customers,

Yesterday, we informed you of the newly-integrated option for you to activate a SSL certificate using a shared IP address.

Now, let’s go into more detail about the verification procedure carried on before each automatic SSL installation in our system.

Firstly, when filling in the certificate owner’s details, you need to make sure that the email address is valid because the registry will send a verification email to this address ('Approver' email address). This could be the email address you provided on the Whois details of the domain name where the SSL certificate will be installed:


or any of the generic email addresses that are automatically generated by our system:


Please note that if you want to use any of the generic email addresses, you will need to create the email address in the Email Manager of the Web Hosting Control Panel now, before continuing with the procedure.

Please note that the validity of the Approver's Email is crucial to the success of the SSL certificate verification process because the registry will send a verification email, including a link that needs to be followed for the SSL request to be approved.

This is how the verification email looks like:


If you do not follow the emailed instructions to approve the request, the registry will not issue any certificate.

As soon as the certificate request has been approved, the user will receive a confirmation email from the chosen certificate provider:


Please note that the confirmation email will also include the SSL certificate itself as an attachment, along with the installation details. As we will install the certificate automatically, there is no need for you to pay attention to these details but you should make sure to backup this certificate.

It usually takes about an hour for the SSL certificate to be generated by the provider. After that, we will install the certificate for your selected host instantly and will send you a confirmation email as well.

Kind Regards,
Web Hosting team

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