Dear Customers,

We have added a daily backups option to your Control Panel.

Now you can restore a backup of your site contents with just a click from the Domain or File Manager, without needing to wait for our administrators to do this for you.

Here is how you can access the restore backup option.

In the Domain Manager:
  1. Right click on a domain/subdomain and select 'Restore' from the context menu
  2. Or click on the 'Restore' icon in the Actions column next to a selected file/folder.
In the File Manager:
  1. Right click on a file/folder and select 'Restore' from the context menu
  2. Or click on the 'Restore' button in the Actions bar above the table.

We make a few backups per day and keep all backups from the last 10 days.

When restoring a backup, you can specify whether you want us to keep a copy of your original content, just in case.

Please note that we store all of your content backups on a separate server so you will not need to worry that your disk space usage is running high.

You can also find a list of all stored backups in the File Manager. Just follow the yellow folder that is located right next to the home icon above the table and locate the backup you need.

We believe this new Control Panel option will help you save time and gain full control over your site contents.

Kind Regards,
Web Hosting team

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