Powerful servers

High performance servers

We have put together world-class hardware, software and network bandwith in datacentres that are strategically located around the world and deployed highly trained technicians to monitor our servers permanently. As a result, we can proudly guarantee 99.9% up-time!

Timely support

24/7/365 support - Reply within 1 hour  guaranteed

Our support staff is highly qualified and will promptly answer your technical questions so you can focus more on your business and less on troubleshooting. While we guarantee 1-hour replies, our average time is 20 minutes!

Cheap hosting plans

Affordable prices

We offer a wide array of plans at very competitive prices on our comprehensive suite of products. This allows you to choose the right amount of resorces for your specific requirements as well as avoiding charges for unnecessary features. To top that up, we provide plenty of freebies!


500 MB Data Storage

1 Domain Hosted

5 FTP Accounts

3 MySQL Databases

20 E-mail accounts

Small Business

50000 MB Data Storage

3 Domains Hosted

40 FTP Accounts

10 MySQL Databases

2 PostgreSQL Databases

250 E-mail accounts

Medium Business

100000 MB Data Storage

5 Domains Hosted

100 FTP Accounts

100 MySQL Databases

5 PostgreSQL Databases

500 E-mail accounts

1 dedicated IP address

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Domain names

A domain name is what your visitors will type to reach your website. We provide +50 choices of Top Level Domain (TLD) names, both Generic (e.g. .com, .info) and Country Code, like .com.au or .co.nz.

Cloud Hosting

We offer plenty of plans which have been especially tailored to satisfy your every need by harnessing the power of cloud!

OpenVZ VPS Hosting

VPS combine the best characteristics of shared and dedicated hosting at a much cheaper price. There is a plan for your needs!

Virtuozzo VPS Hosting

Like OpenVZ, this is just another 'flavour' of VPS. It is the perfect choice when scaling up your website for increasing demands while still being affordable.

Semi-Dedicated Server

Enjoy total control over bigger server resources for your business website while still sharing the cost with a limited number of other clients.

Dedicated Server hosting

Our dedicated server plans will provide you with almost unrestricted hosting resources for total independence in building and managing your online presence.